Why Statement Bags are Like Boob Jobs


Ahhh. These are the thoughts that make me proud to be a blogger. This monumental birthday is giving me lots of material. I told myself that my gift was going to be taking the plunge and investing in a “statement bag,” a real one. I’ve been saving. Hubs even gave me the green light. But I’m still wondering if I can actually fork over the dough when it comes time.

Anyway, it got me thinking about what else I could do with the cash, which got me thinking about this, right here. Maybe I could use the money to buy a little (or big) “something else” but really, aren’t they just one in the same? Since I’m felling a little “listy” these days, I’ll break it down nice and simple-like.

 Why Statement Bags are like Boob Jobs:

The really good ones are gonna cost you.

There are lots of fakes ones floating around out there.

Sometimes you really can’t tell if they are real or fake.

Choosing a practical style and size is a good decision for the long-term.

They will probably last a long time, but there’s always a chance you may have to replace them somewhere down the line.

It’s becoming increasingly harder to find the vintage variety.

You tell your closest friends about them and how excited you are to have them, yet you may choose to keep everyone else guessing.

When you see someone else who has them too, you just know.

Both are a girls right to choose. You only live once, so if it feels good, do it. But right now, I’m going to opt for the purse. Happy Birthday to me.

 If you were gifting yourself the gift of all gift-giving gifts what would YOU do? I’m just curious.

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