What I Got for Christmas

Ugg Cardi Boots

I got some Uggs for Christmas. I actually asked for them. You know how it works. About 4 days before Christmas your husband says, “I need a gift idea. What do you want for Christmas?” If you’ve been married for a while, you know what I mean. (If not, you soon will.) Let me also say that I am, most of the time, spoiled rotten. I indulge myself often and say it’s for the sake of the blog and to “represent” in the suburbs. So, I guess I’m ok with that question.

If you follow my blog regularly or know me personally you know that I have a thing for Uggs. Not a good thing. I hate their shape, I hate their knock-offs and I hate that I can’t throw a rock in suburbia with out hitting a pair or two. So this year, what do I ask for?  I ask for Uggs. See, I need some new slippers and I’m thinking that if they are as comfy as advertised they should suffice. I know you are thinking that these are expensive “slippers” and I agree. But I’ll also tell you that I’ve put holes in two pair of slippers since October of this year. They fill the NEED category and one other; RESEARCH.

I’m now going to skip all the extraneous details and the eating crow and the sticking my foot in my mouth etc, etc . . .

I haven’t taken the damn things off since Christmas morning. Do I love them? Yes. I love how they feel. Do I love how they look? Well, as far as slippers go, they are pretty chic. I’m sticking to my guns though. And you will NEVER see me wearing these godawful, generic, overexposed most comfortable pieces of footwear heaven ever to touch my feet anywhere but in the confines of my home. If I do, you are welcome to kick me in the shins and say, “I told you so!” Or even worse, you can tell me that I look like everyone else in the “burbs. Ugh.

 Go ahead. I can take it. Tell me how much you love your Uggs. Or tell me how much you love the feel but loathe the site of them all. I’m all ears . . .

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  1. Jules December 29, 2011 at 1:19 pm #

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    Too funny! You are not alone… My girlfriend, who is not as anti-ugg, has a pair that she considers slippers and are not to step foot outside and another pair that is allowed to touch pavement.
    You are right. A very expensive pair of slippers, but considering the fact that my slippers may give me a month, if that, before they are completely flat and I have to walk dragging my feet just to keep them on, it may be a good investment 🙂

  2. sarah December 29, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

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    you crack me up!! i am guilty of wearing those awful looking boots on an almost daily basis this time of year!! i can’t help it! i hate being cold more than i care what they look like!! they truly are the warmest, most comfortable, ugly boots!

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