Waste Time, Save Money & Get High. Do Pinterest.


I drank the Pinterest kool-aid. I made that kool-aid using a recipe I found on Pinterest (of course). I’m sure you figured it was just a matter of time until I wrote about it, too. Didn’t ya? I won’t bore you with a lengthy explanation about Pinterest* because if you don’t know or haven’t heard about it, I’d like to invite you to come out from the rock under which you have been living. Now on to my point . . . Pinterest is saving me money. I’m pretty sure that it’s doing the same thing for other women who love to shop.

CONFESSION: I have engaged in the recreational use of shopping to “get high.”

There, I said it.  I know many of you have done the same and if you are shaking your head “no,” you’re lying. Since Pinterest has come into my life, I can sit on my ass in the kitchen in front of my computer and get all the visual stimulation, inspiration and “buzz” that I get from taking in the sights at a retail establishment – without the inevitable purchase. Browsing is difficult for me because when I see it and I love it, I want it. How often does a self-proclaimed stylista see clothing that she loves? Lots.

Pinterest feeds the need. I look, I like, I repin. In my book, it’s as good as a purchase because it’s forever on my “board” of choice.  It’s also free and I can do it almost anywhere (like from my iphone!) Much of my shopping time (aka: retail therapy or me-time) has been replaced with time spent on Pinterest.

My eyes may be dry and tired, my kids screaming and hungry and my husband jealous and annoyed (plus, I’m quite certain I’ve replaced one drug with another.) But my bank account is full, my Visa bill is small, I haven’t been to the mall in weeks. My heart and head are full of FREE inspiration, thanks to Pinterest.

*Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where members can borrow or repin images from other members in a multitude of categories (My favorite? Women’s Apparel, duh.) “Boards” can be categorized and saved for users to create image collections. For what purpose? I’m not sure. It’s a huge time waster . . . Um, I mean INSPIRATIONAL ARENA, but it sure is fun. Who thinks this stuff up?

Everyone’s doing it? Are you? And are you following ME? Hit the Pinterest link to the right and do it! 


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  1. Sandra February 17, 2012 at 11:14 pm #

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    You could have been reading my mind! I have the exact same problem/addiction. And I totally agree with the shoppers high. I even get a sense of satisfaction from looking at my clothes board, full of lovely outfits that I adore. And finding something, so very beautiful to pin is such a rush. I get annoyed when my daughter pinches my iPad and starts pinning weird random stuff onto my boards and my husband wonders what I am doing that is so absorbing!

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