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How very lucky you are to have me, your suburban link to a world of fashion. When I say a world of fashion, I mean it quite literally.  Today I was introduced to the most amazing new import that will soon be landing on US soil, or rather popping up on your PC and settling nicely onto your list of favorite online shopping spots. With an amazing collection of clothing and accessories for both men and women from across the pond (and beyond) – drum roll, please . . . It’s!

We all love us some amazing, British fashion and does not disappoint. Search for sunglasses, outerwear, menswear even swimwear (my fave)!  And do not leave the site without browsing through the impressive selection of sportswear.  Never fear, it’s not one of those sites dedicated solely to avant-garde fashion from the UK, there’s something for everyone. And although I’m sure you’ve heard this before, I mean it! I really mean it! You’ll see familiar designers; brands and most certainly find yourself some new favorites.

Now serving numerous countries and spanning a few continents, but most importantly the good ol’ USA, it’s You’re going to be very glad that I told you. Now go and take a look and pick your favorites . . .they’ll be taking your order soon.

Pip, pip cheerio! (Sorry. I had to say it.) 

Click here to visit

Why yes, this is a sponsored post, but by no means would I steer you in wrong direction or praise a site that I did not find fabulous! I consider myself an online shopping expert, nice, huh? And is is just that, a VERY good shopping source.  


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