TRUE STORY: Suburban Girl Falls in Love with NYC. Reports on Street Style.


It is with great sadness that I’m writing this from my kitchen counter in suburbia, because I’d rather still be engulfed by the grit, hub-bub and amazing Street Style of Manhattan, a.k.a New York City.  It is truly the most amazing city in the world. I have never felt more “American” than when I walked the streets of the city that never sleeps – and FYI, it doesn’t sleep. It took me 40 years to get there but it won’t take 40 more to get back.

I also have to share a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell the man I live with. See, he’s my best friend and favorite traveling companion and hopefully I am both to him, however I’m also the family travel agent . . .an agent with a secret. I typically could give shit where we’re going or what we’re sight-seeing because every reservation I make is based solely on “seeing” what everyone is wearing.  Now, let’s discuss how NYC did NOT disappoint and what I learned from the Native New Yorkers and their carefree class:

It doesn’t match. I mean it REALLY doesn’t match. None of it. Boots, pants, jackets – even down to the umbrella. It all has to “go” but matching is a no-no.

LAYER! Layers upon layers upon layers. Short on top of long and socks peeking out of boots. Scarves, scarves and more scarves. Hats, jackets and bags. It’s all layered perfectly imperfectly. (See above)

MVP of all accessories? Headphones. Yep. Preferably big ones. When you’re walking you’re listening and when you’re not listening they are so casually encircling your neck. Loved it.

Bags. No labels and not many statement bags. Think deconstructed messenger bags and backpacks – sporty, all-terrain backpacks. But when draped over a cropped leather jacket it really doesn’t matter. Chic as hell. Can I say it enough, “not contrived.” Which leads me to my next point . . .

Cropped jackets. Oh the amazing cropped jackets. Real and faux leather (yes, I checked and yes, I CAN tell these things – even from a distance.) Cropped jackets over everything. Dresses, t-shirts, tanks…

SKINNY. And I mean SKINNY. Skinny everything. Skinny everyone. Svelte bodies and leggings, jeggings and skinny jeans. We noticed that everyone (meaning the headphone-wearing natives) were not in need of losing a single pound. Viva la big city with it’s fast pace and foot-friendly living. No wonder skinny bottoms were everywhere.

Boots. Can you believe after all of my ranting about finding wide-calf friendly boots, I head to the big city to find a sea of ankle boots? Yep. The perfect ped to go with skinnies with layers and a cropped jacket.  Also worth mentioning were the great looking gym shoes. Not “I just left the YMCA” sneaks, but trainers in amazing neon colors and old school converse looking fresh as ever.

Got to add a bit about hair. It’s either way long or it’s way short. Not much in between.

If you appreciate Street Style and are looking to amp-up your day-to-day casual look, think like a New Yorker by not over-thinking your look. Throw it on, layer upon layer and head out for the day. You may not have to catch the 6 to Midtown but I’m positive you have someone to pick-up or something to grab at Target.

And if you’ve never had the chance to explore Manhattan, I would highly recommend it. Thanks to me, you’ll arrive looking like a local.

I heart New York.

For the love of NYC, have you been? Do tell. I’m open to anything “I heart New York” or anything “I heart Street Style” will work too. 

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  1. Lee-Ann October 22, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

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    I LOVE NYC too! LOVE the NYC “Style”!! Now I have the itch to go again, and come back not looking like a midwesterner relocated Texan anymore (please, I can’t stand another rhinestone embellished flip-flop or I might die!!!)- but a real honest to goodness free-dom style queen!

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