The following is a list of the Top Ten Most Memorable Fashion Moments from my last visit to the mall. Let me clarify – “My mall” happens to be the largest tourist attraction in the state of Illinois. A world of fashion inspiration and an equal amount fashion faux pas – either way, it’s always a feast for the eyes.

10.  Skinny, skinny, skinny, jeans on tiny, teenage frames

9.    A tall, dark and gorgeous woman speeding across the floor, trying desperately not to teeter in her too-high (but fabulous) heels

8.    12 Asians hanging together looking fashion-forward and flawlessly chic

7.    Teenage girls wearing sweatpants approximately two sizes too big and sporting “fanny phrases”

6.   Enough North Face fleece to bundle the globe 2 ½ times over

5.   Women wearing beautiful, decorative scarves in all fabrics and patterns, tied in wonderfully different ways

4.   Men wearing horrible, screen printed, over-sized sweats shirts draped over tapered denim legs with black Reeboks, circa 1986

3.   Not so hip moms stealing a fleeting moment of shopping with their trendy teenagers

2.   Several breathtaking, European women, looking like they stepped off the pages of Elle Magazine  . . . naturally and effortlessly.

1.  Way too many (authentic and otherwise) Uggs. Ugh.

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