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As hemlines and pant lengths fluctuate from season to season, so do summer short styles – Sort of. Sure you’ll see an abundance of short-shorts one year and a bevy of Bermudas the next, but I’m from the school of thought that anything goes as long as you know what to wear with them. Since you’re reading this you obviously value my opinion, so take a look and listen. It’s crash course in shorts:



Bermudas at WHBM

Think of Bermudas as your “dress shorts.” They look best with something a bit more polished on top. They are quite forgiving, in that they cover all the nastiest part of your legs. This spring we are seeing them hit a whole new level of chic as they are featured as part of the “short suit.” I love this look with a pair of polished platforms – FAB! Maybe you don’t see yourself in your Bermuda short suit on the day-to-day. No problem. Layer the top with a long cardigan or denim jacket. Cool, casual and current!



Bermuda Short-Suit












Shorts with a mid-length leg are universally flattering and are generally recognized by an inseam of about 7 or 8 inches. This style does show a bit more leg, but is great for mixing with a more casual look.  Flats, sandals, and flat sandals work well with this length. This is also a tee and tank friendly length, sure to help get you through the sweltering summer months. If you’re not feeling like putting together a sassy ensemble and you’re going to “mom-out,” go with this length.  

Free People. Piperlime

Old Navy Walking Shorts












It is with great reluctance that I mention the short-short. But since it’s seen (unfortunately) most everywhere, I’ll do my best to show you how to make it work.*

demure & short


The number one rule for everyone with shorties is that they cover your all of your ass-cheeks.  If you are of the age where you no longer have a “teen” in it, I’d only pair these with GREAT juxtaposition. Translation: A big baggy tee and loads of accessories on top or possibly a gorgeous gauze bell-sleeved shirt or baggy sweater. When showing that much leg, it’s best to cover up on top. Teen girls, you are on your own. I have no idea what the eff you are thinking, but good luck finding a decent man wearing your denim undies everyday.



Short Shorts to the MAX!



*I’ll admit, I do have a few pair of these short buggers. I wear them round the pool and at the beach. They are perfect for lounging in the sun or sand when you’re not quite swimming but need to be on your toes or up and around chasing kiddos or the cabana boy.






What’s your favorite length? Do you defy the heat in your long pants or maybe go old school in a skirt – I’d love to hear alllllll about it!

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