The Journey: Good Jeans

Gap - 1969 Long and Lean Jeans

There is a defining moment when you take a hopeful pile of denim into the dressing room and unwrap them or unfold them or unhang them and prepare them for a test drive.  It’s the same drill every time. Most pairs almost always easily make the journey over the ankles and past your calves. But there’s that one moment – you know the one, as the denim is bunched around your knees when you get that gut-feeling about whether or not they will be able complete the voyage.  It’s the moment in the fitting room that can make or break the way you feel for the rest of that day. A moment that will determine if they will indeed become a member of your denim collection or be discarded and left for the fitting room attendant.

In this defining, shopping moment, you feel the hope, the excitement and finally the elation when they do clear your knees, thighs and ultimately button around your waist. Ahhhh. It’s even better when the pair is the size that you had been WISHING you’d be.

There is of course, always the chance that when they slide up beyond your knees they will encounter an unforeseen road block with no detour. The jeans stop here. There is no slide or glide and if you want to push them further you’ll need to add a little jump and wiggle or a deep squat to help them along. It’s the deal breaker. Sometimes we even feel the need to torture ourselves and continue to try and squeeze them on just to be certain they are going to be as tight as they feel. Why? I don’t know. Because when it’s bad, it’s really bad and you should have taken them off ASAP to prevent further mental and physical damage.

We are always looking for good jeans. Although we may repeatedly crash and burn we keep going. Because when this long and often heartbreaking journey leads us to a pair we truly love and we welcome a perfect, new pair into our lives – it makes the entire trip worthwhile.

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