“What’s a Missoni?”

Missoni for Target - Amazing.

. . . Yes, that’s what the very kind, but clueless Target employee said to me when I asked her yesterday about the timing of the store’s new Missoni collection. I wanted to laugh or maybe cry. Nonetheless, she got me the answer I was looking for and informed me they would set-up overnight and the collection would indeed be out in the morning . . .

Today. Tuesday, September 13, 2011. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this day, and I apologize to everyone who had to listen to me repeatedly say, “I’ve been waiting so long for this day.”

For “this day,” I rearranged my busy morning schedule and dropped my daughter off a bit too early for school – all for the love of that crazy, little, zig-zag knit and to own a piece of designer royalty. My husband laughed when I said I needed to get to Target as soon as possible this morning. I was certain most every suburban woman wanted a piece of the Italian Empire, just like me. He was not so certain. I was right – well, sort of.

My 8:30 a.m. arrival was early, but not early enough to get to choose from the full collection. There had been others before me (but what I don’t know won’t hurt me – right?) Upon my arrival I began, along with about three other women, mindlessly filling my cart with whatever Missoni was left in my size – and It. Was. Fabulous. Every piece of it! I guess the few women who don’t need to ask “What’s a Missoni?” were just as eager to see – and buy from the collection.

To my husband I say, “HA! Wait until the Target Card bill gets here and then we’ll see who’s laughing.” I’m positive he won’t be.

While shopping, an electric vibe of excitement must have been radiating from my entire body, because the most wonderful, helpful, Target employee approached me as I finished in the clothing department and took me on a guided-tour of the rest of the Missoni items hiding throughout the store.

First Stop: Accessories, for tights and a scarf and socks and a scarf and a bag and a scarf. Next Stop: Electronics, for a laptop sleeve. Oh, I’m so practical! Continuing Service To: Linens, for a pillow the whole family can use (if I let them touch it) and to Home Décor, for a bowl that looks like it should cost hundreds and for a few scented candles. Final Destination: Cosmetics, for a travel bag and to Hair Accessories, for amazing barrettes and the coolest bobby pins I’ve ever seen.

Stephanie, my Target Concierge was the icing on the Missoni Cake. . . and had there been a Missoni cake, I would have bought that too. I have her to thank for making my day and showing me all the store had to offer. I also have her to blame for the exorbitant bill at the checkout.

I’ll leave you on this most wonderful of days with a little Italian. Bouna Notte friends! Today was well worth all of the scrambling and rescheduling it took to make it happen. Now I’m off to unpack my Missoni-filled Target bags and try it all on (again). Grazie Target and the Missoni Design Empire, for giving us all a chance to own a little piece of greatness.

Did YOU get your Missoni fix? Let me know if you did and what pieces you love! I can’t get enough. Grazie Bella Gente! 


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  1. chris September 14, 2011 at 5:31 am #

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    I can’t wait to go see all the stuff especially scarfs.

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