Tank Top Envy

tee and a tank pic

I love tank tops but they don’t love me. I have arms like a butcher. Well, I probably don’t. But I tell myself that when I’m thinking about hitting the chocolate chip cookies for the second time. When it comes to baring arms in the summertime, I’m not really comfortable with letting my “bat wings” fly.  I suffer from acute tank top envy. Get it? Cute. Tank top. Envy. There are so many little, strappy, tanks out there in the shopping world, but because I’m gun-shy (HA! That was great. I’m on a roll . . .do I even have to ask if you got that one?) I’ll pick up a tank while shopping, get a mental picture of my floppy biceps in it and throw it back onto the rack. It’s sad. Especially in the summer. I realize this is probably not a real problem, but we always want what we can’t have – until NOW!

I found a loophole in the tank top clause that will allow a woman with less-than-Madonna’s-arms to don a flirty, summer tank with confidence! All you need to expand your summer wardrobe is nice, fitted (not tight), short sleeved t-shirt*. Yes, maybe you already knew about this little fashion fix, but it’s been a life saver/wardrobe enhancer for me that I have to share. Put that fitted tee, white, black, gray or otherwise under the tank of your choice and you have a layered look that allows the gun-shy women of the world to wear the tank top of their dreams without feeling over exposed.  Just a note: Be sure your t-shirt isn’t too loose under a tank that’s too tight. Form fitting underneath and loose and “flowy” on top make for a flattering look. You may have to experiment with some different combos, but when you find the perfect paring – it’s a fabulous way to wear that skimpy top  you’ve always dreamed of wearing . . .whether you’re a butcher or not.

*As we head into fall, you may think of adding a long or 3/4 length-sleeved top under that tank to expand your summer wardrobe even further!

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