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July 4th is here. I won’t say finally because this year it seems to have jumped from the calendar and into my face screaming “It’s time! Are you ready!?” Our country’s birthday, regardless of whether it’s taken several long weeks or a few blinks of an eye to arrive, is a definite summer earmark. On the Fourth of July we reflect upon the brave individuals who have paved the way for our freedom as well as those who are still fighting to defend it today. It’s a time for family cookouts, parades and beautiful firework displays. It’s also a reminder to me, the professional shopper, that suburban stores will soon clear their racks of any and all things short, sleeveless and swimmy.

Today I stand before you, suburban women of our great United States, to share a shopping secret. Should you require any additional summer attire to get you through the last half of the summer (and possibly into early fall), I ask you all to consider making July 5th a new holiday to hold sacred. Celebrate your summer wardrobe on this day by hitting your nearest, Kohl’s, Macy’s, TJ Maxx and especially Target to gather summer’s last bits of sundresses, shorts, swimwear and sandals. I have been to the racks and I can tell you to get it while it’s hot! Although we are nowhere near the cold, when the school supplies hit the shelves, you and your closets will be out of luck. Thank you – and have a safe and stylish holiday weekend.

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