I love the Kardashian’s.  I love watching their semi-scripted, so-called, reality show Sunday nights on E! Maybe it’s the fact that they appear perpetually chic. Even when lounging on the couch. The cameras just-so-happen to pan onto them during a candid family discussion. Step-father Bruce Jenner is discussing his passion flying for model helicopters and there sit all three sisters. Perfectly coiffed. Tres chic.  Ahhh, REALITY.

A few re-run episodes ago, I was watching an overworked and “under Reggie-ed” Kim Kardashian melting under the everyday pressures that come with being Kim. Yes, I know it’s the show’s recurring theme. Lately, she’s doing lots to brand herself.  She’s rushing off to another photo shoot. She’s flying here and she has an appearance there.  Kim is usually featured heavily involved with the endorsement of her many favorite products, but I spy something new in this episode.

What’s that she said?

Kim’s new business?

Wonder what that’s all about.

The unsuspecting, fashion-loving, viewer (that’s me) catches a glimpse of several, pink shoeboxes strategically placed around the voluptuous, Miss Kardashian.

What does that say on the box? Oh. “ShoeDazzle.” Hmmmmm….

The network’s product placement has worked like a charm. Here I Google . . .

Shoedazzle is a new company founded by celebrity and stylist, Kim Kardashian. In a nutshell, you become a member by taking a short, very visual quiz about what styles are appealing to you. For example: This dress or that dress? Nicole Richie or Gwen Stefani? Red pump or snakeskin flat?

I see where they are going with this and I like it.

Shoedazzle will be sending me a new pair of shoes every month for the low price of $39.95. But first, I get to pick from three shoes that their on-line stylists have chosen, based on my quiz results and profile. Allow me to add, there are no obligations and no minimum purchases.  You can “pass” on a shipment at no cost or simply cancel your membership at any time. This is certainly a risk worth taking.  Even more exciting than waiting for my monthly issue of Lucky Magazine, is waiting for a sassy, new pair of shoes – right?  Plus, I’m doing it for all of you. I am your fashion guinea pig. It’s a small sacrifice for the women of Suburbia.


I pass on the first three selections my stylists has chosen for me. They like heels at Shoedazzle. I do too, but it’s not so practical for my lifestyle. The next three selections arrive in my Yahoo inbox 2 days later. I pass on these selections as well. Luckily, there is always the option to choose from their “Hot List,” featuring three shoes chosen to take the spotlight this month. I choose from the list, a mid-height, sturdy heeled, leopard print number with a flashy red patented leather strap across the top. Very cute. Looks like it would be fab with jeans.

Several questions linger in my head.

a) It’s very difficult to find good quality shoes anywhere for 39.95.  Will they be fake-leather junk?
b) Sizes are SO varied, what are the chances the fit will be a match?
c) How the heck are they making any money if this is “no risk”?


I get the word via email that my leopard print beauties have shipped, so I wait for the shoes and the answers to these questions. . .

A few days later, as the Fed Ex truck speeds away, I retrieve my package from the cold. They are indeed, packaged beautifully! A bright, pink, box with bright, pink, tissue paper and again, a bright, pink, drawstring bag for storing the shoes.* Nice touch.

*This is a little gimme that you typically find in higher-end purchases. A nice Dooney bag or pair of Via Spiagga shoes will undoubtedly have this bag included with your purchase to protect this gem.  I’m seeing it more frequently in mid-range purchases. An attempt to give it the swank-factor.

As I slide on the shoe, the fit is perfect.  I notice that even though the leopard fabric is a man-made material (duh – they’re $39.95) it has a texture that gives it a richness that a flat fabric just doesn’t have.  This is another great feature.  So far, so good.  The heel is sturdy. I get some lift, but just enough. I can walk in these and they are comfortable. I try a dress rehearsal with my jeans that are reserved for a mid-height heel . . .

Hum. Hum. Ho-hum.

Darn! I love the fit. I love the fabric. I love the feel. But, I don’t love how they make ME feel. There’s just something about the toe that is too safe for me. Not round, not square, not pointy. Definitely not exciting. I must remember that right now, this purchase is not a need, but more of want – an experimental purchase.  So, in a gesture of solidarity for those of us stuck with the label of “recessionista” until we all recover from our current economic funk, I box them up and look in the phone book for my nearest Fed Ex location. And there’s the downfall of this “shoe-of-the-month” experience. I have to find a drop-off location and lose $5.95 to ship them back. Not too bad though.

As the hype from this experience begins to fade, I think about what I might say to my bootylicious Kim if given the chance:

Shoedazzle is a fabulous new continuity club concept! The shoes are fun and fabulous, although the styles seem to favor the lifestyles found in the more temperate areas of the U.S.  If I had the need for a beautiful new pair of moderately-priced, yet surprisingly rich shoes each month, you would be my go-to source. For now, this mid-western mom is sending back her first month’s selection. It’s a luxury I choose not to afford right now. So until you feature something I can run in, or until I am required to hit the club-scene on a monthly basis, I’ll leave my size 6 ½‘s for a So Cal social butterfly to choose. Good luck with Shoedazzle as it is truly just as fabulous as you, my dear. See you and your sisters next Sunday on E!

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