School Year’s Resolutions

Try Some School Shooping for Mom

School’s in! Well, almost – and I’m tired of all the focus being on new bags, shoes and clothes for the kids. It’s time for moms to treat themselves to some brand-spankin’-new school swag as well.

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. I’m too damn tired after the holidays – and in our family, after we celebrate the 5 million birthdays that coincide. Since I’ve been  “enrolled” as a mom of school-aged rugrats, I like to think that the start of each school year is a new beginning.  We start a new schedule, new route for the mini-van and new homework assignments to squabble over. FUN! This year I’m challenging suburban moms to make a School Year’s Resolution to think of your needs and aim be the most fabulous woman you can be.

  • Don’t buy your son yet another new lunchbox, when the one he has isn’t even growing mold. Go get a gorgeous, new trench coat for yourself that you can wear in fall, winter and spring. Add a scarf – and get a bright, new umbrella for when you are standing out in the rain waiting to get your children.
  • Your daughter doesn’t need any more than one pair of shoes this year. Sure, she needs gym shoes, but will she really wear anything else? Heck, she can barely tie her shoes.  What YOU need is a great pair of rubber boots for slushy, sloppy days. And get some of those cozy socks that line the inside and you’re set for winter as well.  Find a signature hat that makes you stand out from the rest. It can cover your bed-head on a morning that you’re running late or add just a touch of fab to your everyday outfit.

See where I’m going with this? I’m hoping these suggestions help you flip the back-to-school focus onto the person who is just as deserving of a whole lot of new “supplies” for the coming year. Please, rise to the occasion, accept the challenge and give yourself a fresh start.

Happy New Year!

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