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Since everyone seems to be getting ready for the holidays so stinkin’early these days, I’m going to have to follow suit. It’s time to start thinking about getting your pasty, white bod all nice and bronze for this year’s holiday party season. I’m talkin’ a nice, even glow alllll over.


Did you know you can get an airbrush tan without ever leaving the comfort of your cozy, suburban split-level home? It’s AMAZING and it’s not just for celebrities anymore.

If it can enhance your looks, I’ll try anything once (or maybe twice).  And no one had to talk me into trying this “service,” I spent my high school years working in a tanning salon coveting a nice, circa 1988 glow.  I’m sure I’ll pay for all of that exposure in the not-so-distant future, but for the love of my BFF who has been “swiss-cheesed” after a bout with some suspicious moles and my recent A+ awarded by my dermatologist after my first mole-check – I know it’s time to ditch the bulbs and get glowing the safe way. Lucky you, I’m going to give you the blow by blow before you schedule your first appointment. . .

Social Media ROCKS!  Samantha, from Tantasy Tan found me on Twitter and we forged an immediate twiendship from there. In a few weeks time she was knocking on my door with airbrush in hand and we were ready for business. Was I nervous about this blind spray-tan-date? Just a bit. I’d been a Mystic (automated spray-tan system) user for some time and although I didn’t LOVE it, it did the trick. It gave me a quick and safe tan when I needed instant gratification. This “service” was a new frontier for me, but I was about to learn there was no need to worry, because Samantha was as magnificent and professional as the product she was about to spray on my body.

Let’s cut to the chase. I know what you’re thinking and no, I didn’t have to get nay-nay in front of a total stranger. My clean and exfoliated body (I showered, scrubbed and nixed the makeup earlier that day) was awaiting my first-ever professional airbrushing, for which I could wear either swimwear or undies. Undies were recommended. Done.

For the 25-30 minute process, we decided to spray in my bathroom shower stall. Samantha also has a portable “tanning tent” that can be used if you don’t have a shower stall or other ideal location. She began by giving me a cap to cover my hair, I got down to my airbrush attire and we got ready to glow! NOTE: NO barrier cream needed to prep for this experience. My favorite part. If you’ve ever spray tanned in an automated booth, this is a crucial and annoying part of the experience.

We started with an all-over prep-spray. It’s a moisturizer that’s applied in the same fashion as the “tan” but before the actual color is applied.  It wasn’t cold and it didn’t smell bad – in fact, it smelled amazing! Samantha guided me through all of the proper poses while the solution was being applied. There’s no chance for a streaky error when the pro is telling you exactly how to stand.  After the initial application, we were ready to tan. The solution (tan) color was chosen based on my natural skin tone.  She plugged it in into her portable machine and on it went! It was the same sequence of stances and poses as we used with prep-spray but this mist had a light colored tint to help with a proper application. I was a bit anxious, yes – anxious, to see what my new tan would look like . . .and in a matter of minutes it was done.

I stepped out of my shower, looked in the mirror and was beyond amazed at the perfectly bronzed reflection starring back at me.  NO ORANGE ANYWHERE. Clients have the option to receive as many as 3 tan applications, but since we were approaching fall, rather than summer vacation or the beaches of Cancun, I stuck with my one “coat.” It was just enough color for me. (And P.S. – What happened to all my hail damage? No one told me this was going to reduce the appearance of cellulite too. Sweet. Now I’m REALLY sold.)

Samantha let me use the blower attachment on her machine to thoroughly dry my bod before I got dressed.  There was no wiping the solution off. She sprayed. It stayed. I dried off. I put my comfy, loose sweats back on.  I pay her $45.00 for the fabulous tan and amazing experience. I relax at home. Piece. Of. Cake.

I know you’re wondering, “Was my shower wrecked?” Or rather, did it look like it had been lightly coated in brown spray paint. The answer is NO. There was a bit of brown residue left on the shower floor, just a tiny bit. But it was gone the next day.  As for my tan, I was in love. To keep the love flowing and tan going, here’s a list of rules to follow to maintain the glow:

  • After your airbrush experience you cannot get wet or shower for 10 hours afterward. This is why it’s recommended you have it done in the evening. This means, no sweaty exercise, no doing dishes, no wiping-off the counter tops or putting a load of wet laundry in the dryer. Yep, you get a free 10 hour long, mini-vacation with this service.
  • Shower the next morning.  Some of the solution will be visibly rinsed down the drain, but that’s not your tan. It’s just the bronzer from the application, so Samantha could see where she’d sprayed.  Go easy on the loofa if you want it to last. Too much scrubby-scrub is not good for your tan’s longevity. Your tan is absorbed safely into your skin and will stay with you for about 5-7 days. Results may vary, of course.
  • Conjure-up a great story about where you went on vacation, because people WILL ask. I’m telling you, it’s the most realistic tan. The girls at the gym still talk about the day I came in after my first airbrush tan. They say, “It was the most amazing color!” But I really can’t take credit for it. I give it all to Samantha. 


Samantha Martinez is the airbrush artist and owner of Tantasy Tan, serving the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. For more information on Tantasy Tan and it’s services or to schedule an appointment to look just as hot and sexy as I did after my airbrush tan, visit You can also find Tantasy Tan on Twitter @TantasyTan or on Facebook at the Tantasy Tan page.  If you are reading from afar, THANK YOU! And you may want to check the Almighty Google for airbrush tanning services in your area. 


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