HOO Do U Love? Take Flight with Origami Owl

Origami Owl

The suburban jewelry, purse, kitchen-gadget, jewelry, organizing sundries, powdered dip mixes, facial creams & moisturizers and jewelry party is as common in these parts as the mini van and the over-sized SUV. Wait, did I mention the oh-so-popular jewelry party? Lucky me. I get invited to all the parties, usually without complaint . . .and I do have my favorites (Thirty-Onederful, anyone?) I was recently introduced to a new kid on the “Suburban Party Block” and I’m guessing you’ve already figured out it was something worth writing about . . .


Origami Owl


In this vast suburban wilderness have YOU been so lucky as to have spotted this new species – The Origami Owl? If not, you soon will. But unlike some of the other one-trick-ponies we’ve grown to tire of, this is NOT to miss. With a Pandora-esqe air of personalization and the hip versatility of creating a “signature piece” that looks beautiful and is quite the conversation starter; a living locket from Origami Owl is easy, fun and even therapeutic to create.  Think I’m crazy? Allow me to explain this amazing, versatile creature:


photo 5


Choose your color and your locket size  (I went BIG, ) and add a dangle (I love to say “dangle.”)

Leave your locket clear or add a stamped plate to tie your story together – I chose “LOVE” . . .

Bits and Pieces


Best part? Creating your story. Pick the lucky charms that will reside in your locket and signify anything you wish. Birthstones. initials, sports and hobbies to name a few (because there are hundreds!) I’m representing my hubs, my kids, a fat lil’ Buddah, some puppy love, something a bit beachy and a glass of vino (of course.)


Put them all together and you have a definite statement piece that has YOU and your story written all over it. Now how cool is that? It makes a FANTASTIC GIFT (birthdays, weddings, BFF’s and teachers.) I fear I’m not doing it justice. You’ll have to see it to believe it, so in the meantime, check out their site and get inspired.

Looking for your own encounter with Origami Owl? Check out their website to find a consultant near you. Big thanks to Beth B. who flew her fine, feathered self out to the burbs and shared her goodies with my SIL and all her friends (that’s me!) With all the things peddled about Suburbia, I welcome this with open arms and wish you and your daughter all the best – THIS STUFF IS FAB. xo


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  1. Maria June 12, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

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    Love it! I purchased one as a Mother’s Day gift for my mother can’t wait to get one for myself. We have a neighbor who sells.

  2. Dawn June 12, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

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    Love this! I need to find someone who sells…or sign up to sell myself 🙂

  3. Beth Blemaster June 12, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

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    Kelly, Nice blog, girlfriend!!! Send your peeps my way! : ) http://www.sierrarose.origamiowl.com or have them email me at bethblemaster@gmail.com. If they want to join, check out http://www.sierrarose.origamiowl.com/wait or our team website (with videos) http://www.thebestowlnest.com. You are the best! I’ll post on my FB page for ya’! See you in July! We are heading to Geneva to boat and party with Jen and the clan! See you then!! XOXO, Beth

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