Now I Know My ABC’s


Did you see this pic? I could really care less who Kim Kardashian is dating, but I did love, love, love the way she “posted” her feelings for her man on her ear. If she thought of this on her own, major props to Miss. K!

Anyway, my new obsession is to hit the nearest Gem and Jewelry Show when comes to the almighty suburbs. (Giving thanks right now to JZ and DZ for introducing me. XO)


Last weekend during my most recent Gem Show Expedition, I stumbled across a sheet of these lovely letters for a whopping $3.50. Sometimes fate just wants you try something, even if it was “inspired by” someone else. You definitely won’t see me rocking a KW on my lobes – but there’s a chance you might just spy a KB, JB, XO or even FU (depending on my mood). For that price, can you blame me for trying?┬áTY, KK! XO.


Love it? Hate it? And of course, share some initial ideas for the letter combo you’d be rocking.

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