Nobody puts a “Messy Bun” in the Corner

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“When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong.” – Dr. Houseman, Dirty Dancing  – 1987

In mid-June of 2012, I bashed the messy bun. What I was really bashing was society’s acceptance of this style before I had the chance to properly dissect it, digest it and then wear it. I’m here to say  that I apologize, I was wrong and you can wear it it you promise to follow these simple rules:


  • Please pair it with juxtaposition. Yes, wear the bun, but wear it with some killer earrings and something that doesn’t scream “lazy.”
  • Speaking of lazy . . . tease it, spray it, give it some sort of personality. Sculpt it without making it look too “just rolled out of bed” or too Harajuku Girl.
  • Never, ever, never, ever, ever adorn it with a scrunch.
  • And Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it’s not an indecisive pony tail. It is a bun OR a pony. None of this, “I can’t decide if I’m going to pull the rest of my ponytail through” shiznit.

Yes, I’m sporting the messy bun right now and no, I’m going to do “the lift.” 

P.S. – Can you believe my husband has NEVER seen Dirty Dancing? Total Communist.

2 Responses to “Nobody puts a “Messy Bun” in the Corner”

  1. Sarah October 25, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

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    Geez! You’re right…it’s unamerican that he hasn’t seen dirty dancing!! I think if he did, you guys so would be able to do the lift!

  2. Kris Smith October 26, 2012 at 9:39 am #

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    Spent an entire Fourth of July weekend sporting what, I felt, was a very stylish, messy Carrie Fisher Star Wars Single Bun atop my head. Husband’s reaction to said bun,”It looked ok…too days ago.” Ouch!

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