Mixing is the New Matching

Mixing is the New Matching

Although I’ve always gravitated toward the mixed-up, mismatched looks often seen at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, this is a concept that’s taken me a long time to embrace. Once only explored by thrift store shoppers and hipsters, eclectic dressing is becoming more mainstream. This clothing juxtaposition is now the calling card of many fashion trends and if you’re good at it – is a true indicator of amazing personal style. Mixing is the new matching and I’m really starting to dig it!

Growing up in the 80’s, I remember the joy I felt when I found the perfect pair of pointy-toed vinyl flats to match my shaker knit, v-neck sweater. Pure adolescent bliss. But what was once a fashion victory is now a faux pas. No longer should your shoes match your belt or your jewelry be all pieces from a matching set. I call this phenomenon, “The Mannequin Syndrome.” Perfectly Put Together = Perfectly Boring. Now that’s my kind of math! (This can happen in your home too. I call that “The Ashley Furniture Syndrome.” This however, is topic for another blogger. But please feel free to apply what I’m telling you to your home décor as well.)

I know this concept can be tricky one, so hold on tight! I’m going to move your cheese. At least once a week I stand in front of the mirror and think. It’s too matchy. I need to mix it up.  Maybe a bit too much black. Maybe my necklace too closely matches my earrings. I strive for “uncomfortable” with the mix and then I take a deep breath and head out for the day. Most of the time, I’m glad I shook things up. I love that I took a risk and look like no one but myself.

Now, it’s time for you to step off the ledge . . .

Don’t kill yourself trying to find the perfect bag to go with your holiday party ensemble. (I did this once.) Think of something complimentary. Consult your color wheel and find catty-corner neighbors. Orange would POP with that true, blue tunic. Go for it.

I’ll be the first to tell you that black boots rock. Remember last week? Well, we need to step out of that comfort zone and give those brown and gray boots a chance. Your Challenge: Next time you reach for the black boots, swap them out with boots of a different color. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

Hey there Delilah! Think a PLAIN, WHITE  T would look perfect under that distressed, beige, biker jacket? Well wouldn’t a navy, printed tank or a maroon turtle neck make it a bit more interesting? Yep. Of course Jennifer Aniston’s monochromatic style world is chic, but it’s also predictable. And you’re up for trying new things, right?

In the end, all you need remember is that the time has come for us to venture way beyond the clutch matching your pumps (or shaker sweater).  If you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking, “this matches perfectly,” run back to your closet and put on something more unexpected. If you’re looking at yourself and thinking, “hmmm, it’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly unexpected,” you get an A+ young padawan,  A+.

 Suburbanstylista and her readers want to hear from YOU! What’s your favorite way to mix it up and give your admirers some fresh and unexpected eye candy? Do tell . . .

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