Looking For Love/Boots In All The Wrong Places

Gap Black Fold-Over Boots

The kids had dentist appointments today, which meant I was able to take a well deserved 45 minute vacation from reality. I quickly became engrossed in a small stack of fashion mags that I should have been savoring, but because this “quiet time” is as fleeting as anything flavored pumpkin in the fall, I was speed-skimming through most of the issues. The article I did stop to read was one written by Skinny Girl, Bethenny Frankel. Instead of spewing words of wisdom about healthy eating or how to maintain the perfect, almost skeletal female frame, she was dishing advice about love and finding the perfect partner and how it WILL all happen when you least expect it. Her advice? Give up the chase and just enjoy what you have and what you’re doing with your life in the present moment. By waving the white flag, somehow, miraculously, love will find YOU. Evidently this is how it happened for her and she continued to explain how her current relationship evolved into marriage. Horray! Love! Bethenny, you make a mean guilt-free margarita, but I think I can top your story . . .

I just love how I can spend hours upon hours shopping online for the perfect pair of boots and can never find them . . . I end up sending them all back. I also love how I can endlessly shop one of the largest malls in the Midwest and not find a single boot in a style I like, that will comfortably house my calves . . .unbelievable. But I do, really love that I can make an impromptu stop at the Gap, 10 minutes from my home (because it’s “Gap Card Tuesday,” an extra 10% off) and wander around a bit in search of a simple, white turtleneck when – POW! Out of nowhere, the most perfect pair of boots appear. Better than any I’d ordered online and better than any staring back at me from the display window at Nine West. I rub my eyes to be sure that the perfect platform-to-heel-ratio is real – and that its perfect blend of super hip/rocker vibe has indeed just appeared when I had least expected it. But before I allow myself to fall in love, I check for the elusive size 7 . . . and when I find it, I know that it was truly meant to be. Oh! And did I mention that the calves are roomy. Yep, ROOMY.

Let’s raise a margarita glass to the Gap and to fate and to unanswered shopping prayers. Sometimes love does come looking for you. Just expect it when you least expect it.┬áRight Bethenny?

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  1. Chris October 28, 2011 at 5:19 am #

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    You make me smile. We have had the calve discussion before. Glad you found the boots you love. I found a great pair the other day but when I put them on, calves were in the way and I zipped up my skin. It was pretty painful.

  2. Kelly jensenius October 28, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

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    It’s Kelly from purdue… Clay and Kelly… Anyways love the blog! It drives me crazy when I go looking for shoes or boots I cant find…but when I’m not really looking… There they are like magic!

  3. Kelly October 28, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

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    I love that you said “Clay & Kelly” – good shopping Karma to you always Kel!


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