New Life. New Love. Why You Should Tie the Knot…

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I promise not to bore you with more talk of colors and patterns for spring. (It’s really not boring stuff at all, but I’m thinkin’ you need something fresh.) My goal? To “wow” you with a trend alert that deserves to be a classic fashion maneuver. Tying the knot. It’s easy, flirty and quite versatile. Unlike officially tying the knot – you can and should do this several times in your life.



Grab a big tee and “chic” it up. If it’s a bit too big and baggy or maybe just hits you in an unflattering spot, grab a corner and tie that big boy in a knot!

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Same goes with your skirt. Maybe you’re not feeling the flow, but you have a closet full of skirts with bounce that you really don’t want to part with. Tie em’ up!


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Not into showing any part of your midriff? (I gotcha.) One sweet, little, variation is the half-tuck. This happens to be a personal favorite of mine. One of which my mother does not approve, see also:

It looks like your shirt is stuck in the front of your pants.” Sometimes followed by, “Is your shirt supposed to be tucked in or not?”

Maybe it’s the mystique that draws me to this look, maybe it’s the casual peek-a-boo chic or maybe I like to see my mother roll her eyes.



It’s not a belt and it’s not an extra accessory, but is a way to give new life to a shirt that’s too baggy, a skirt that needs a little twist or to let that skinny, snakeskin belt you just bought be seen by the world! (Clothing origami is often overlooked by so many.) I once had a long-sleeved tee that was just too boxy. I pulled the hem to the left and tied it up. It’s now one of my favorites. Everyone deserves a second chance. You and that odd piece of clothing just may end up living happily ever after.

Please note: this maneuver is not meant to make you end-up looking like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader or Daisy Duke. Although every time I knot-up, fond memories of the two dance through my head.

2 Responses to “New Life. New Love. Why You Should Tie the Knot…”

  1. Deb April 11, 2013 at 12:31 pm #

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    Everytime I try to tie a shirt I get a bulky mess. Can you really a t-shirt bottom into that cute little knot, or is it an illusion created with rubber bands or the like?

  2. Sarah April 11, 2013 at 2:55 pm #

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    I’ve always loved the half-tuck too!!

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