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A few weeks ago I was celebrating a very, belated, Italian Christmas with mia familia. We all love to shop so it’s inevitable that at some point in the evening the conversation will lean in this direction. When it does (yeay) the hot topic is the reinvention of JCPenney and I of course, have an opinion. See, I recently made a tasmanian-devil-like run through JCP and grabbed a few items that proved to be too small. Shame on me for not trying-on first. Based on this experience, I jump on my stylish soapbox and proclaim: “The new JCPenney sucks. Nothing fits.” 

Snap judgment? Yes. Sure, the store is all nice and clean and void of tons of ugly overflowing clearance racks, but damn it! The beautiful orange tunic that I loved fit like crud. So it must all stink, right? Well, upon returning the ill-fitting items to the store I felt kind of bad. I decided to slow down, check it out and give old Jacque Penne’ a second chance at being the new JCP.

Dear family, please accept my humble apologies because I judged way too quickly. I hope you ignored my snap-judgement and went anyway. Allow me to explain . . .

As I mentioned before, the store was spotless and void of all the crazy sale signs and rounders. Second thing I noticed was the music. Good tunes? Check! Loud tunes? Double check. Love it. Did you know that there was a Sephora inside of my new JCP? Hold on, it gets better. I’ll give a firm “thumbs-up” to both the jewelry and the handbag departments. There were some really nice leather bags in some amazing spring colors. Great hardware and stitching included. Plus, tons of fun and trendy baubles and gems in the accessory department. And prior to ending my second-chance visit, I found some awesome skinny jeans with the perfect amount of stretch and bum-coverage. No cheesy pocket designs and no ugly buttons with a nice $25 price tag.

I’ll be the first to admit that Penney’s is not known to be the coolest kid on the block – but I’ll definitely say it’s not just for your grandma anymore. Next time you’re at the mall, check out the new JCP and see what you think. You might (like me) spark up a new relationship with an old friend. Besides, everyone deserves a second chance.

You trust me, right? Because I wouldn’t waste my time writing and sharing if it weren’t worth a peek. Have you been? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Do tell . . .

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  1. Mom February 22, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

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    Yes dear, I did ignore you and went anyway…to see for myself. I didn’t see much that really caught my eye, but I always have trouble in the “in-between seasons” (as I call them). You see, we don’t have many places to shop around here as you do, so occasionally I will take a look and see what Jacque Penne has to offer. And sometimes I’m very successful. In my opinion they have (or at least HAD) a great shoe selection and always great jewelry. I was a little disappointed because they didn’t seem to have as large of a selection in the apparel department as the OLD J.C.Penny. I”ll keep going and looking when I make my shopping rounds. Love Mom

  2. Dawn February 26, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

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    You got my curiosity up. I’ll be checking it out this week!

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