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Black tights

As the temps start dropping, I notice my heartbeat accelerating while the prospect of wearing tights creeps into view. There is nothing more forgiving than a pair of black, opaque tights. If my lifestyle would permit, I’d wear them every stinkin’ day. They squeeze and sculpt and streamline even the shortest and stockiest of legs, giving even a resident of Munchkin Land the chance to look a little bit like Hedi Klum.

This season, pair them with booties or booties and chunky-knit socks. I’ve been thinking of  taking my chances with a bootie/tight/legwarmer look this fall!  (NO, not the Flashdance kind! The new breed that resembles more of a footless sock.) Pair your black tights with knee-high black boots and you’ll be looking nearly 6 feet tall! They make a sweater dress waaaay chic and give a funky-patterened dress a bit of a hipster vibe. Now, kick that up a notch by adding some chunky sandals. Cool, man.

If you ladies of the ‘burbs are  feeling extra funky, bust-out the textured tights for a little pizazz or go crazy with some colored tights. Think browns, grays and burgundies to start– baby steps girls, baby steps.

Now excuse me while I get myself dressed, drop about 10 pounds and grow 6 inches. Just me and my tights, reuniting this fall.

How much do YOU love your tights – and what’s your favorite way to wear them? It’s finally fall, I’m sure they’ve been missing you too.

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