“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Don’t Look Like One This Christmas

Bling. Bling.

That bling, that bling, that bli-i-i-ing! Everywhere I look holiday sequins and glitter and BLING abound. Now, I really don’t care if you’re sick of that term because it is what it is – bling. I have no intention of addressing each embellishment with its rightful name. Deal.

I myself, am attracted to all that glitters. But it’s very important that where bling is concerned we say “whoa” before someone else whispers “ho.” Not the Santa kind either. There is such a thing as too much bling. Save yourself from looking like you’ve been rolling around in Neil Diamond’s closet or worse yet – looking like old, Aunt Gladys on a cruise:


Focus. “If you’re going to bling, just pick one thing.” Go for the cardi OR the skirt. For the love of Siegfried and Roy, don’t wear both.






Contrast. If you’re adorable, new, black, sequined, velvet shorts are going to be paired with black tights and boots, go for something way different on top. White? Green?  Sure! Just avoid looking all “A Chorus Line.” Too much black with bling is just played-out and blah. Navy and white, now that’s some fresh sparkle!





Mix. Can’t pick just one? Need a bit more sparkle and can’t resist? It’s ok. God forbid you be unhappy with your look. Just mix it up. Your silver-sparkle cardigan should not be accompanied by any other sequins. Be sure your clutch is BEADED and your jewelry is set with RHINESTONES. Texture and variety make it interesting.



Ice, ice, baby. When it comes to blingy accessories (or most any kind for that matter) be sure they keep their distance. Follow? Pick two and play it safe by keeping the accessories far from each other. It keeps the crazy, gypsy look at bay.* Stay with me. Pretend this is math, but the good kind:



  • Earrings + cocktail ring = OK
  • Earrings + bangle braceletfest = OK
  • Earrings +bangles + earrings + necklace = NO. STOP. TOO MUCH.
  • Necklace + cocktail ring = OK
  • Necklace + chandelier earrings = NO. STOP. TOO CLOSE.

Hope this helps. Of course, an invitation to an “ugly sweater party” would fix all of your bling-related problems. But there’s something about the holidays that just begs a girl to break out the bling and that’s quite alright with me. (Damn! I should have made this a drinking game. Final Bling Count: 12**)

*Note: if you are a seasoned accessory professional and know what you’re doing, wear as much jewelry as you wish. I trust you.

**Mazel Andy Cohen. You rock.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays or whatever you celebrate! Just in case I don’t get another fat, juicy, blog post out for the holidays just want to say thanks for all of your support and readership. My words will be heading west soon to broadcast from sunny Los Angeles where you can find my “Suburban Spin” at radandrefined.com with celebrity stylist Jacqueline Rezak. Now, that’s what I call a Christmas gift!

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