Harvesting Crops

Harvesting Crops

If you’ve been a loyal reader of Suburbanstylista for a while, you may remember me mentioning (10,000 times) that what fueled my Fashion Fire* for blogging was my aversion to capri pants or rather their “abuse” by suburban women. Well ankle bearers, have I got some news for you! It’s time to harvest the crops – and I approve.


Jeans, chinos and pants of all fabrics are sprouting up in the hottest length of the season; THE CROP. Here are a few favorites along with a few tips for telling the difference between a CROP and a CAPRI. This is much like knowing the difference between a King Snake and a Coral Snake  – making the slightest mistake means certain death (fashion death.)

Camo Skimmer at GapGap has an amazing Camo Crop that puts a feminine edge on the military trend. NOTE: Gap likes to refer to this length as their SKIMMER. That’s OK Gap. We get it. You may see this length called several different things by different designers/retailers but what’s most important is where it hits your ankle . . .



Matchstick Crop at JCrew J Crew has another fine example of this length that ends slightly at or JUST above the ankle. If your pants are landing just below your knee or “cutting your calf in half,” you have failed to properly harvest your crops. You’re in the dreaded capri-territory (Sound the buzzers!) But on a stylish note, white is SO RIGHT for spring and summer.


Target Ankle Pant Joe Fresh at JCPI love this pant. If you’re not fan of the skinny fit and want to go crop yourself, check these out. They are a bit more relaxed and available for a song at my favorite and most underrated retailer, JCP. From their Joe Fresh collection, (I shopped here in NYC and fell in LOVE!) these come in many patterns and just so happen to hit ya right where they should; IN THE CROP ZONE, take note!


Short, tall and chicks of all sizes should go running out to find their perfect crop this spring. If you remember the Golden Rule and “never cut your calf in half,” you will be properly rocking this hot length for spring, summer, work, play, or any activity! If you really want to make me happy, you will love and embrace this length so wholeheartedly you will never, ever, ever don a pair of capri pants again.

I’m sorry, but the truth stings sometimes and it’s my personal agenda to make suburban women look their very best one fashion faux pas at a time.

*Thanks Fat Amy for inspiring this phrase. I give you total credit. And if you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect yet, you should.

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