Going to Great Lengths (Part One)

great lengths part 1


I am the Linda Evangelista of suburbia. A chameleon, changing my hair more than anyone I know. I’ve always been daring in the hair department. Taking a risk on a hairstyle or color usually works in my favor. My stylist loves me. She calls me her “special” client because I allow her the ability to do more than just trim, perform a root touch-up, or snip away split ends.  However, for the past few years I’ve found myself in a bit of a blonde bob rut. Contrary to my adventurous hairstyles in the past, for two years now my locks have basically held the same style. I have satisfied the urge to experiment by stacking the back, adding low-lights, going from bangs to no-bangs and short layers to no-layers, etc. For most women these simple additions and subtractions may seem to be quite a risk in themselves, but to me they were getting boring.

A few months back I got a wild hair or hairs or rather, I got a wild idea about what to do next with my hair. It was definitely going to be different. Way different from anything I’d ever seen in suburbia (of course).

I’ve always been good at short hair. I can style it like nobody’s business. I usually get lots of compliments on my short styles. But the one thing I’ve been a complete and total failure at through all of my great adventures in hairstyling, is the ability to grow-out my hair. I don’t mean long, shaggy bob grown out. I mean looooong. I have a lot of very straight hair so I usually get to a certain point where I start to rethink the grow-out. It hangs. It’s a tad too short to wear in a ponytail. It does nothing.  It’s HAIR STYLE PURGATORY. Once this happens I bail.

“Get my stylist on the phone. I need to cut it NOW!”

Thanks to subliminal pressures from the long, flowing and always perfectly tousled beachy, blonde waves staring at me from the Victoria’s Secret catalog, I decided it was again time I try to grow. Why not? Let me tell you, I’ve never given up on failing at this, but this time I was going to go to great lengths to succeed. Really, Great Lengths! The best hair extensions out there. If you can’t grow it, BUY IT! This is not their slogan, but it should be.*

*They may also want to consider: Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a great head of hair.

After much research I discovered there are not many places to get hair extensions in my suburban surroundings. There were a few places, but they do not “do” the kind of extensions that promise to look natural and not damage your hair. I eventually found a place nearby that was certified in applying (I would really like to use the word installing, but won’t) Great Lengths hair extensions. Previous Goggling and reading lots of celebrity gossip mags had shown that these were the best and unfortunately, most expensive. I could have cared less about the price because at this point I was not cutting corners. Go big or go home.

Soon the plan for Operation: Grow-Out was in motion. My new found friend the “Extension Specialist” had me continue growing my hair for the next three months. Before the thousands of tiny strands of human hair could be bonded to my head, I needed a good chin-length base to be sure I did not leave the salon looking like Kate Gosselin. She very adamantly insisted I was not to cut a single hair on my head during that time. That was not a problem, because when you are writing a mortgage-payment-sized check to a hair salon, you’re going to follow any and all directions.  I booked an appointment for a full head of extensions, put half down on my hair and hurried home from the salon to look once again at the VS catalog for inspiration.

Three months later . . .

After 5 hours of bonding various colors of blonde onto my old, boring, bobbed head, I was spun around to see a new me in the mirror. Instant gratification! A full head of thick, beautiful hair cascading way past my shoulders. A strange phenomenon for a short-haired girl. It was unbelievable how well the colors blended with my own. It was thick and wavy and looked like it had always been mine.  It was love at first sight and was a risk, that in the end held such a great reward. Although I’d cheated, I finally won the battle to grow-out my hair. Besides, women get new boobs and noses all the time – Why not hair?

Check back soon for Part Two and read about life with my new “do” and the magical powers of a big, wavy, head of long blonde hair . . .

3 Responses to “Going to Great Lengths (Part One)”

  1. chicsanista July 12, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

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    Suburbanstylista, you pinned the long flowing tail on the donkey! I too agree that we should not be ashamed of knowing what we want and doing the research on how to get it. If extensions are done well, they can be AMAZING. No need to be hair desperate and just clip in any old fur ball. I’m glad you are here to preach it! Can’t wait for the next “installation”.

  2. lovesgray July 13, 2011 at 8:13 am #

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    Loved that hair! Super cute, totally stylish and oh so you!

  3. Kelly July 21, 2011 at 8:23 pm #

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    Working on my next “installation” . . .it’s coming soon!

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