Gilt City Chicago & Why I Woke Up Early on a Saturday to Raid the Warehouse


There are few things in life that make me pass on a Friday night out in order to wake up early on a Saturday morning – the Gilt City Warehouse Sale happens to be one of them.  In less than 30 minutes by car (from the burbs) my shopping compadre and I arrived at the uber-chic MCA Warehouse ready to raid! (Did I mention the HUGE line of shoppers waiting outside for their chance? WOW.)


This was my second time at the sale, so I was pumped to get in – but not before we grabbed a little cocktail to start the morning. A sweet, Peach Bellini set the mood for the journey to find our favorite looks and designers in the perfect urban setting – All framed by a view of the city skyline of which I will NEVER tire. Whoops! I almost forgot to mention the racks of clothing, tables full of shoes and mountains of handbags combined with a DJ mixing and spinning our favorite tunes . . .and now, the mood is set:



 The grit and industrial feel of the MCA Warehouse combined with the style and swank of its contents, the upbeat music, bubbly cocktails and stylish clientele would give any fashion-lover a rush.



Leaving no one out, the accessories table had a little bit of everything for men, women, children and the home decor-loving shopper. Sage Shopping Advice: “If you like it, grab it . . .or someone else will.”



Shoe-lovers take note: Most amazing selection of high-end shoes at unbelievable prices. (I realize this sounds like a commercial, but I felt it was better than saying, “Holy S#!t! You will not believe the mark-downs on these crazy, awesome, gorgeous, EXPENSIVE, designer shoes!” ) Feel free to pick your favorite version.




Ain’t no mountain (of handbags) high enough. Two mountains to be exact. Some lucky shopper grabbed this little beauty with a name I’m about to drop: PUCCI (and friends.)


And here she is . . .



Now for a glimpse at my favorite destination; the racks. Racks and racks and racks filled with tunics and jackets and gowns (oh my!)                         Will someone, PLEASE send me an invite to a black tie affair so I have a reason to zip myself into a little Carolina Herrera or possibly some Valentino?


photo 4


This Carolina Herrera had a tulle cowl neck with a bit of beautiful, glittery embellishment. The color and embroidery was like nothing I’d ever seen before. It was SO unique (and now I think I’m tearing up a bit.) Model cred goes to my friend Deb who found herself a few things to pair with her skinny jeans (unfortunately, she passed on this dress.)

photo 2


If only I could show you everything this perfect Saturday had to offer, I would guarantee you couldn’t possibly pass on your next chance to raid the warehouse. The crowd of shoppers and all of the love and detail that goes into this amazing sale is just another testimony to all things fabulous that Gilt City has to offer. And now to start my list for next year. I hope to see you there.

Big hugs and air-kisses to Brigid from Zapwater Communications and everyone at Gilt that put so much stinkin’ swaggerific time into this event. I’m hooked. If only more shopping events had this much class . . .Oh, wait. Then I would surely be broke. xo

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