Take Me Down to the Sale at Gilt City Where the Deals are Fab and the Clothes are Pretty


Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you because if you missed out on the Gilt City Chicago sale last Saturday, then you really missed out. Here’s a chance for you to experience this amazing sale after the fact, with a photo gallery so tempting, you’ll be sure not to miss the next one.

Gilt City is a lifestyle website and part of the national Gilt Groupe that offers exclusive “experiences” at the best restaurants, spas, salons, concerts and social events in your city, as well as upscale retail items at an alarming discount. It’s not just a “Chicago thing,” be sure to check out the Gilt City site in the location nearest you (Boston? Miami? NYC?CHECK! Just to name a few.) Gilt Groupe, the Big Daddy to Gilt City, provides it’s members with the same opportunities to buy exclusive items and experiences but on a nationwide level. Membership is easy, free and totally dangerous – in a good way.

What doesn’t get sold at Gilt gets another chance at the warehouse sale. But don’t think it’s all leftover sizes, weird colors and items from the Land of Misfit Toys. It’s jaw-droppingly amazing and indescribably fun . . .which is why, in this case a picture is worth a thousand words, a million deals and lots of things that made me jump up and down. It’s also not just a stop and shop excursion. It was a great opportunity to grab your BSFs (best shopping friends) and enjoy the complimentary drinks and snacks or stop by Benefit’s product booth, all while a DJ spun some tunes to keep your Saturday hoppin’. . .

With a selection of shoes to make you stand tall (and go weak in the knees) Gilt featured a wide array of sizes and styles – from sandals and trainers to funky platforms and lethally high stilettos. Did I mention the Gilt City sale had household and decor items, accessories AND clothing for children and men too? An equal opportunity sale.

































 This amazing warehouse space is home to the art that is currently not on display at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The MCA building makes a great spot to house some of the most amazing designer deals I’ve EVER seen. The uber-cool feeling from this urban loft-like space is complimentary with the price of admission ($15 in advance for the earliest morning access).












I stopped counting at about 7+ racks holding enough style that it was reminiscent of the best of the best that you’d find at a fashion shoot. Word to the Wise: If you see and you like, you should grab – QUICKLY! You can always put it back. But the funky, black, taffetta skirt I decided to go back for was gone.

















It’s not every Saturday that you get to “hang” with a Pucci.











Or drink a little bubbly with a Carolina Herrera . . .











This one took me by surprise – and although my lifestyle does not require me (unfortunately) to wear something this breathtaking and unique, someone got quite a break on a gown that carried a price comparable to a compact Kia.














The busiest spot in the warehouse was most definitely the table with the mountain of handbags. It was grab AND be grabbed with an urgency that was a testament to the incredible deals on some unbelievable purses. A scrappy brunette lunged for a $1200 distressed Tumi (marked down to $319) before I could get to it. Just observing shoppers realize what a deal they’d put their hands on was half the fun.




If you were there, I hope you scored in a major way. I know I did. And don’t be fooled by my gushing over the red carpet items priced to move. There were lots of brands that can hover in the high-price range at upscale department stores, but were spotted (and purchased by me) at discount department store prices – Um, a Free People cropped cardigan with the previous price of $125 sold for a neat and tidy $29. Welcome home baby, welcome home.

If you’re not already, become a member at Gilt Groupe and your nearest Gilt City site. They have amazing prices and host amazing online sales everyday! And if you hear about another Gilt City Warehouse Sale in your area, it is a sale worth shopping whether you’re in it for a black tie event, for the thrill of the hunt or just to look good grabbing the kids.

Like I said before, it’s OK to feel a little “Gilty”. . . or a lot.

Much thanks to the outstanding Jenn Lake and Co. at Zapwater Communications. They did an amazing job with this event and I’m so thankful to have been given to opportunity to share this experience with my readers. xo

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