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I like unique. I like inexpensive. I like to shop from home. I love Zulily. I can’t recall exactly how I stumbled across this amazing shopping site, but I can tell you that I check it on the daily.

What do you need? Kids clothing, womens clothing (including plus sizes), shoes, accessories and home decor are all at your fingertips . . .and with a quick link to Paypal it can be yours in just one click!


Take a quick peek at some of the great things Zulily has to offer:

zulily black dress


Purple Crossbody


Kids Stuff!


zulily red dress

New items are featured everyday and the sales typically last for about one week. It’s Pinterest with benefits! It’s more exciting than scrolling through your Facebook feed! I’ve ordered several things from this addictive site and I’ve yet to be disappointed. If you’re stuck at home and have a shopping itch that HAS to be scratched, this is your Holy Grail. But before you ditch my blog to check it out, here’s the DL on . . .


  • Unique stuff. Some clothing prices begin at $9.99!
  • The selection of children’s clothing is DA BOMB.
  • The Paypal linkage is sweet. Be very spontaneous. Yours in a click!
  • APP-tastic. Yes. Check it from your puter, tablet or phone, there’s an app for that.
  • The stuff is nice. The quality of the items I’ve received has been fab.


  • Most items cannot be returned. Know thyself. Know thysize. It’s yours once you click.
  • Shipping is not free. It begins at about $5.95 – but if you decide to order something else within 24 hours, the additional item(s) ships for free.
  • Be patient. Some items take a while to arrive. They have an excellent order tracking system, but it’s no Amazon Prime or Zappos VIP.
  • Shit goes fast*!!! That means if you REALLY love it, grab it.

When you see me rocking my bold and bright caftan next summer, or admire my edgy gold, spike necklace – no need to be jeally. Grab your morning coffee and open that Zulily app. You’re bound to find something you’ll love that won’t empty your wallet.

*I do find it a bit disturbing that most of the time, the items marked “sold out” are the ugliest of the lot. What the hell is wrong with you ladies?

Have you shopped Zulily yet? Do you get the same warm-fuzzies that I do? Please share. We’d all love to hear!


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  1. Deb Gabriel November 6, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

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    I’ve been tempted, but never bit the hook. Is it high quality stuff that I can wear a season or two? or items that will be “in” today, out next week?

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