For Men & Cowboy Boots: Quality over Quantity

Cowboy Booties

This week, I read a Facebook status from a long, lost friend and sorority sister now living in NYC that said,“Barbra Streisand was just visting someone in my building – and I missed seeing her!”  

Wow. I add a comment letting her know that this along with most of her other statements about the wonderful things to do and see in the city are some of my favorite status updates.“I will live vicariously through you,” I comment.

She writes back to tell me all is well with the exception of a great man in her life. My response: “You deserve someone great. Never settle.”

Repeat after me: Never settle.

Also this week, My fabulous hairstylist tells me how she dreams of a distressed pair of cowboy booties from the Sundance catalog. She loves how cowboy boots make her look and feel. She hates that the good ones can be so pricey.  What’s better than wearing something that makes you happy? Nothing.  I say to her, “Get the pair you love. Don’t settle.”

Repeat after me: Never settle.

Quality over quantity is a mantra that I repeat daily. Like a recovering addict, I have to constantly remind my self that the instant gratification from a lesser quality piece of clothing, pair of shoes or accessory is not worth it if after the purchase, if you’re still longing for that one piece that you may have to save for, but you would hold onto much longer.  (If this were a movie, the camera would now pan over to the three large bags of clothing in my trunk on their way to Good Will. Let’s call them “three bags of settlement.”) Living in a part of the suburbs full of discount shopping opportunities, it’s very easy to pick-up something on a whim. Well, at least it is for me. In the case of the uber trendy, kitchy or experimental items, I say, go for it! Feed the urge, ride the impulse and buy the lower end items that you won’t feel guilty about passing on to charity someday. However, I’ve learned through many bags of settlement, that it’s a much better tactic to stick to your original requirements for the items that you’ve been dreaming of adding to your wardrobe – the items you may possibly wear forever.

The events of this week are a reminder of the importance of my handy, little mantra and I now pass this bit of advice onto you: If you wait and save and vow to splurge on the items that will always make you smile – like cowboy booties and a great man from NYC, you won’t regret it.

Again, repeat after me, and promise that you will never settle.


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