Five Fab Foot Petals

Foot Petals

Today I’m going to help you spend even more money on shoes. Yes. You’re very welcome. And I’m going to stop that little voice in your head from telling you that the shoes you’re trying on are a bit too uncomfortable or too loose or whatever excuse you might have not to buy them. Now there is no such thing as an uncomfortable pair of shoes thanks to a modern miracle called Foot PetalsCue the angels singing. . . .

Have you ever put these marvelous, little things in your shoes? If you answered “no” then you’re missing out. You’ve also probably passed on some really killer shoes because you figured they would really “kill” your feet. This, my friends is no longer a problem. TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Here are just a few of the many savvy solutions from Foot Petals that will save your feet. (NOTE: They are not listed in order of comfort or fabulosity.)

Strappy Strips: Keep those skinny straps hugging the back of your heels and eliminate that awful digging after a long night of doing the Electric Slide.

Heavenly Heelz: My go-to solution. Because sometimes when you try on shoes at the mall, your feet are all swollen from drinking too much Diet Coke and eating those salty Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – THEN when you go to put them on at home, they get all “slippy “ and your foot won’t stay put, because now you’re un-swollen. They also make a pair of shoes that are a bit too big, fit just right. I know that several shoes in my closet came home with me because Heavenly Heelz exist and I know how to use them.

Tip Toes: Keep your balls from sliding around when they get all sweaty. They also help alleviate the pain in your balls after you’ve been on your feet all night. I love that I just got to say “balls” a whole bunch and I’m really talking about feet.

Killer Kushionz: The star quarterback of the team. These insoles do it all for your feeties while staying so discreet, you can wear them in the most revealing of open-toed shoes (see photo above). These inserts will make even the tackiest of wedding guests keep their shoes on at the reception – Hallelujah! They provide extreme comfort for extreme shoes. More dancing! Cha Cha Slide anyone?

Sole Stoppers: These will save a woman’s life. Really, they will. These non-slip little stickies attach to the bottom of your soles so that your high-heeled strut doesn’t send you flat on your arse. This could happen. If it did, it would really ruin a perfectly good evening, and at the same time make you hate your shoes. Sole Stoppers: The Ultimate Insurance Policy. (I have them on every fancy pair of heels I own that are without a rubber sole.)

These are only a few of the miracles that the almighty Foot Petals can perform. If you have a shoe-issue they have a solution and they have it in several colors and patterns that hide discretely in your shoes or if you choose, stand-out for little added flair. Please stop complaining about your aching feet and break out those 4 inch, leopard print pumps that make your balls ache (sorry, just one more time). You will fall in love with them all over again. And I swear to God, if I see any of you dancing without shoes at a wedding reception, know that I am calling you mean and unflattering names under my breath, for there is no longer a need to shed your shoes.

Foot Petals, thank you for all of the comfort and for reuniting me with even the most masochistic members of my shoe collection. Shop the whole Foot Petals collection at

A special shout-out to my dear friend, who is part of the Foot Petals family and sent me a few more “solutions” to add to my Foot Petals arsenal. Thank you so very much FJ. You are too fabulous. I’ll never stop believing that someday our paths will cross again. 


Are you a disciple of Foot Petals too? Lay some love on me and F.P. by giving your own “shout out” to your favorite shoe solution.                               

3 Responses to “Five Fab Foot Petals”

  1. fatima September 23, 2011 at 11:13 am #

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    i just want to say the reason why i love reading your blog is because of this sentence..

    “I love that I just got to say “balls” a whole bunch and I’m really talking about feet.”

    bahaha! that made me and the girls laugh so hard…

    much love 🙂

  2. Mom October 8, 2011 at 7:07 am #

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    Can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciated all the “shoe solutions”. I know that I have at least one pair of shoes that will benefit from each of the five solutions. I thank you for helping me to re-add these to my wardrobe…and your dad thanks you too.

  3. MarathonMomof4 October 15, 2011 at 10:49 am #

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    I discovered these about 4 years ago when I insisted on wearing my super cute Enzo peep toe pumps to a wedding while 34 weeks pregnant. I have them in every pair of heels that I own and I highly recommend them! Yay for being stylish and comfortable!

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