Chicken Little Loves Swimwear



I’m going to go all “Chicken Little” on your asses right now. But it’s not about the sky falling, it’s about the swimwear leaving. This just arrived in my mailbox advertising the July 4th Clearance Sale and unless my calendar is wrong, we are just entering Memorial Day Weekend. So here goes . . .


Get your swimwear NOW. Better yet, get it yesterday, because everyone who thinks I’m a nutcase for bathing suit shopping in January, will see it my way when they go sometime in early June to look for nice, little tankini or cover-up and they are ALL GONE!

Things move pretty quickly in the retail world, so unless you like assembling a suit from the clearance rack (composed of all XXS tops and XXL bottoms and eclectic in all of the wrong ways) get your suit while it’s NOT hot – else you’ll be sorry.

Go. Go. Hurry. Hurry. Move it! And, good luck.

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