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I’m just a Blogger. I don’t really do official reviews of any sort. But out of the goodness of my heart and the love of a new favorite store, I feel some props are due. . . .

Topshop! Topshop! Topshooooooooop! I can’t even say it without a song in my heart. And one more word, “wow.”

Every time I take a weekend jaunt into the always wonderful Windy City of Chicago, I end up filling my itinerary too full. It’s called “high hopes” and typically, I never get to check everything off of my list. Yet again this past weekend, after lots of walking and a few hours spent gazing at ancient works of art at the Art Institute, I was about to poop-out when Mr. Suburbanstylista so kindly asked the cab driver not to drop us at our hotel, but at 830 North Michigan Avenue.

I have to be honest. I’ve checked-out Topshop’s website several times and thought for me, the prices were a bit high.  Not having a Topshop location of my own for a quality-check, I abstained from ever ordering. I’m glad I waited. This store was a million miles away from my expectations – in a very, good way. Another imported clothing store with an American address it was not.

There’s a very hip, high-energy vibe when you walk in and the clothing selection can best be described as “affordable high-fashion.” It makes Forever 21 look like the Goodwill Store and H&M look like your Grandmother’s closet. (Note: just a drastic comparison so you can get a feel for their duds. I love you Forever XXI and H&M – 99% of my closet is all YOU. Please forgive.)  Set up on several levels, I could have spent a few hours soaking in the style and devouring all of the amazing and very unique accessories. To be honest the mere sight of the huge shoe department downstairs was giving me chest pains (think Tranny shoes for women that are anatomically women). I decided to save the shoes for my next Topshop trip. The slightly higher prices are also not those found in the “on-trend” superstores at your local mall – but I think that’s what was so darn fab about it. It made me, the ultimate bulimic shopper, step back and decide exactly what was worth adding to my wardrobe. It’s all very uber-stylish. Therefore, a suburban chick like me, is not going to have an entire wardrobe comprised of this stuff.

I savored every bit of that store. Like a fantastic glass of wine or a fabulous meal you never want to end. The atmosphere! The accessories! The design! And don’t even get me started on the people working the floor, who were more than helpful and dare I say, small-town friendly.  This was greatly appreciated.

As I stood in the checkout line with the two items I’d very strategically chosen from this fashion mecca, the store manager approached me and asked if it was my first time in the store and if so, what did I think? It took all that I had not to jump into her arms, hug her and quite possibly start weeping. But I took a deep breath and just pulled out a few words,

“It’s just beyond.” Was all I could spit out.

“Thank you! That’s perfect.” She said.

Yep, it sure was.


Chicago’s new Topshop store is located at 830 North Michigan Avenue. The UK chain also has another US location in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

If you’re close to neither, is just a click away!

Have you been to the oh-so-amazing Topshop? If so, please share! What did you love? What did you buy? 

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