Carrie Bradshaw with a Touch of Jesus

triple-barrel curling iron

I finally caved, yet again and bought another hair thingy. I don’t know why I’ve been agonizing about spending $25 on a silly, little curling iron. I’ve looked at the damn thing every time I stroll through Ulta but I always get all practical (boring) and pass on buying it. OK, so now I realize that holding out was stupid because this tool is the bomb! Am I too old to say that? Yes, probably.

Hair is fashion, right? I consider it the accessory you can’t take off. May as well make the most of it and that may mean experimenting a bit or spending a whopping $25. Here comes lots of gushing over a pretty low-end curling iron. Ahhhh, it’s the little things. . .

So I’ve permed and I’ve done extensions and I’ve done hot rollers and I’ve scrunched and I’ve tried just about anything too get my straight hair to go all sexy-wavy. No luck. I think that’s why I’d always passed on the “wavy iron.” Fear of rejection. . . What was I thinking?

Just section out your hair and press. Voila! Instant Carrie Bradshaw with a little touch of Jesus. Or is it white girl Chaka Kahn? Maybe Rachel Zoe with a auburn bob. I hope not too much Doug Henning and the world of illuuuuuuusion (If you know what that means, bless you and your crow’s feet). Yep. That’s it. So far everyone approves. Now all you straight-haired girls wanting to do the wave, I can tell you that I approve. Definitely a tool worth checking out. And if you see me out and about looking like I just jumped out of bed or into a light socket; mission accomplished . . . and thank you.

Do you have one? Have you tried it? Do tell, my hair loving friend, do tell . . . .

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  1. Loves gray January 4, 2012 at 10:02 am #

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    Ooh, sounds cute! Have you tried curling with a flat iron? A super fashionable 12 yr old showed me and I am hooked!

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