Anniversary Week! Nora Ephron, Yoda & Something Basic.

Nora Ephron

“Everyone needs basics as a base so as not to be so.” Wait. I think Yoda might have already said that.  What I’m trying to say is: Everyone needs basics. Wardrobe Blocks. A place to start.

Although I’m still celebrating one, big, stylish, year I want to give a little shout to Nora Ephron whose books I devoured. She left the earth yesterday, but her words will stay with me forever. Plus, I know for a fact that she loved a good “basic.” Hope she would approve. Now read . . .

Best Basics: H&M, Target and Gap. All of these big guys will have an excellent selection of basic items that extend your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Here’s why:


H&M has the most amazing selection of leggings. All lengths, all colors, all year long. Speaking of long, I scored some awesome super-long t-shirts and tanks that I wore almost daily throughout the fall and winter. They layered like a dream and are still going strong for fall 2012.





Target wins for cardigans, shorts and basic dresses that have chic silhouettes that can also be dressed up for ANY season.  I’m always surprised to find a higher price on some items, ($29.99 for a cardi from a big box store) but they do last so don’t be afraid to go for it – or wait for a sale.





Gap is go-to for tights and socks. Yep. I didn’t say denim. Gave those props away already. But they have super-awesome tights in the fall and winter and knock-your-socks-off socks all year long. They also have unbelievable outerwear. This unfortunately is never cheap, but always worth it. Think basic outerwear with an edgy, urban flare – always at Gap.



Are you out of money yet? Save some cash for two more days of the “Best of the Burbs,” and pick-up one of Nora Ephron’s books. I know you’ve seen her movies a bajillion times, but it’s the books that were my fave. Rest in Peace Nora.

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