Anniversary Week Continues! Forever in Blue Jeans…Babe.


And the hits just keep on coming . . .There are blue jeans everywhere. This year I’ve had great success with the following stores. They are two of my favorites and my “go-to” jean joints. Lot’s of my friends also love these spots. If you haven’t stopped by, I think you should. Good jeans can be hard to find. Read on for the best denim in the Burbs.



Want flashy and foxy and WOW-WEEE!? Then you want Buckle. Me and the Mister get most of our denim here and although the help can be a bit a on the forward side when it comes to your visit for jeans (not only were my jeans waiting for me in the dressing room, but 12 additional tops, sweaters and tanks that just might go with them) it’s worth the fight. Always free alterations on your denim, HOLLA! Don’t have a Buckle of your very own? Try for and overwhelming selection, and a more low-key shopping experience with no “enthusiastic” salespeople.



Contrary to popular belief, American Eagle Outfitters is not a teeny-bopper spot. AE has an easy, summer street festival vibe that never ends and a selection of denim that is kind to the curvy type. Their low-rise is not so low, but their denim prices are!  Always check the sale racks for an additional 40-50% off. I’ve scored several pair of jeans for about $15.00 each. Yes! (Bonus: American Eagle is a great place to look for a few fun pieces of jewelry while you’re out denim shopping!) See also,


Who did I miss? Anyone I should consider for next year’s list? Denim is a delicate subject. It defines our lower halves which can bring about some strong emotions. I’m here to listen if you need me. 

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  1. Jacca Anderson July 1, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

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    Ive been wanting to try Buckle jeans,Levis are my favorite but havent tried there new styles yet.

  2. Jacca Anderson July 1, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

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    Month of June I love barbacuing and fixing up my yard from a long winter,Eucerin definatly helps keep the sun damage at bay and my skin mousterized.I dont need anymore sun damage than I already have.

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