Anniversary Week! (Again) Sun! Fun! Swimwear! (Yeay)

Macy?s New Swimwear

  Look at how lazy I’m getting. This post is going to be itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie. Get it? P.S. – This is not a photo of me, just in case you were wondering.     Best Swim Stuff happens now: Macy’s. Macy’s. Macy’s. I’ve never seen so much swimwear in one place. They began stocking it… Read More »

Anniversary Week! Nora Ephron, Yoda & Something Basic.

Nora Ephron

“Everyone needs basics as a base so as not to be so.” Wait. I think Yoda might have already said that.  What I’m trying to say is: Everyone needs basics. Wardrobe Blocks. A place to start. Although I’m still celebrating one, big, stylish, year I want to give a little shout to Nora Ephron whose books… Read More »

Anniversary Week Continues! Forever in Blue Jeans…Babe.


And the hits just keep on coming . . .There are blue jeans everywhere. This year I’ve had great success with the following stores. They are two of my favorites and my “go-to” jean joints. Lot’s of my friends also love these spots. If you haven’t stopped by, I think you should. Good jeans can… Read More »

Anniversary Week. Like Chanukah, But Not Really.


Happy Anniversary! Yep. It’s been one year since my “underground” blog came up for air and reared its fabulous face to suburbananywhere, USA.  To commemorate I’ve made a nice, little, list of my favorite suburban shops (some nearby and some in cyberspace) but all the best – or at least I think so. So thanks… Read More »

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Eucerin, yeay! Skin cancer, boo!

May - Skin Cancer Awareness Month

We all know that Eucerin does wonders for even the most sensitive skin. But did you know it can help save you from all the nasty, harmful rays Mr. Sun sends our way? Yep. It’s true. More than two million people are diagnosed annually with skin cancer. Scary. Fortunately, skin cancer is one of the… Read More »

Chicken Little Loves Swimwear


  I’m going to go all “Chicken Little” on your asses right now. But it’s not about the sky falling, it’s about the swimwear leaving. This just arrived in my mailbox advertising the July 4th Clearance Sale and unless my calendar is wrong, we are just entering Memorial Day Weekend. So here goes . .… Read More »

Genie in a Box

Genie Bra!

  Hold on to your hats. Or maybe I should say boobs. If you sleep in a bra, this post goes out to you. If you don’t, you should read this anyway. What I’m about to say may shock and disturb you, but it’s for your own good. I’m going to tell you that you… Read More »

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