Tales From A Saturdate Night in Suburbia

Stony River Vino


Ok, this is not quite poetry or a haiku. Also, I was not an english major, I’m just a blogger. Regardless, enjoy…



Pick a time to go out but don’t make it too convenient. All the good spots are taken. Your choices? 4:45 or 7:45.

Dress-up! Well, it IS the suburbs. Put on your best “Night on the Strip-Mall” attire. It’s not the city. Take it down a notch. Sigh . . . If I have to.

Arrive. No parking. “Free” valet. Not too bad. Valet is super-cute, freakishly friendly and seems to like me (or rather my husbands Mini Cooper.)

Cayenne, Cayenne, Benzy, Beemer, Mini Cooper.

Table’s not quite ready but it’s a cozy place to wait. Bar is full. Couldn’t belly-up anyway. Did I mention my date is 13? No worries. The joint is crawling with Cougars. No one thinks twice plus, “HEL-LO”  he’s my son.

Fur, fur, fur, fur, fur, fur, fur coats everywhere. Mine is faux and fabulous. Theirs are full-length, passed down for generations and properly stored away off-season.

Seated. Ahhhhhh. Wine, please and HURRY. Evil breadbasket. STAT! Midwesterners love carbs. It’s totally fine tonight.

Not my usually Italian haunt, but surprisingly yummy. Eyes bigger than our stomachs. We are uncomfortably full but so happy. Excellent service and a great dining companion. When can we come back?

Goodbyes and thank yous to all the amazing people who make our date night possible.

Ready to exit the restaurant and our Mini Cooper is ready and waiting. Huh? Valet says, “Of course he remembers us!” Maybe he does dig me and not the Coop? Grrrrrrowwwwwwl!

Thanks so much to the amazing staff at Stoney River in Deer Park Town Center. The food was amazing and our server was FANTASTIC. We will be back and sure to spread the word that Stoney River is great suburban dining choice . . . don’t forget your Cayenne and your fur.

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