The Birchbox Blues


I waited for about a month to be Birchbox-worthy. I got sucked into all the chirping about Birchbox on Twitter from other random Fashion Bloggers and thought it might be worth investigating. So away to Birchbox site I went and put my name on the “waiting list.” (Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of the “wait list” tactic. I’m certain it’s used to promote exclusivity and make you think you’re lucky to “get in” or “get onto the list.” Whatevs’.)

As many of you know, the Birchbox finally came and now I’m here to fill you in on what exactly this whole Birchbox thing is about. It may be a deal-maker or breaker for you depending on how much you enjoy spending $10 to get a fancy, little, box of crap delivered to your home on a monthly basis.

BREAKIN’ IT DOWN FOR YA: Birchbox is a continuity club that provides it’s members a pretty, pink, box full of “exclusive” beauty goods/samples. It is an even $10 per month (other memberships available too). Like what comes in your Birchbox? Awesome. You can then go to their site and buy it’s full-version. The more months you continue to receive your Birchbox, the more points you get. Points add up to discounts on the full-sized products on their site. You can cancel at anytime.

My September Birchbox came. I jumped up and down. I opened it. The contents were as follows. Drumroll please . . .

Itty-bitty baby’s first nail polish-sized bottle of bright, blue, polish (donated immediately to my 9 year-old)

Kate Spade perfume sample a’ la the kind they throw in the bottom of your bag at Macy’s for shits and giggles.

Pink, paisley ribbon hair-tie.

Leopard-print baggie. No I’m not kidding. I had to look at that a few times to believe what I was seeing.

Itty-bitty tube of Benefit Porefessional – about 3 squirts (Okay, I loved it. But this means that the $10 Birchbox cost me $39 for the full-sized product.)

There was also a coupon inside for the amazing Madewell. Just have to spend $75 to get $25 off.

I stared into my Birchbox with my mouth hanging open in disappointment, much like Ralphie and his plastic, Ovaltine, decoder ring. I flipped it upside down and shook it to be sure something worthwhile wasn’t stuck to the bottom or something. Then I went straight to my ‘puter and cancelled my Birchbox subscription and some lucky sucker took my place in “line.” If it was you, you’re welcome.

The verdict? Cute name, adorable packaging and an awesome concept. But I was hoping for, at the very least, TRAVEL SIZED products. It seemed to me like a pretty box full of ten-dollar freebies. If you have and extra ten burning a hole in your pocket and you dig getting deliveries, give it a try. You may think I’m an idiot that threw Birchbox under the Blogger Bus.  But if you, like me, were expecting something bigger and more spectacular in your box, save your $10 and put it toward something you really love, like 3 pairs of earrings at Forever 21 or an eyebrow wax.

Did you make the list or are you still waiting? Hopefully you feel much better now that you know what’s inside. Getting “in” with the cool kids isn’t always as awesome as it seems.  

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  1. Kirstin October 11, 2012 at 8:33 am #

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    based seeing post of ‘happy birchers’ this is what I’ve always thought it seemed like! The ziplock is the kicker!

  2. Jennifer October 11, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

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    Thanks for the info Kelly. I just “got called up” to get my first box so I am out $10 but at least now I am prepared and won’t be shocked…just disappointed. Vey cool concept too bad it doesn’t have the follow through.

  3. Miss Alice October 11, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

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    My first box wasn’t the best either. I have subscribed for almost a year now and have found some seriously great products, items I had always wanted to try/buy and am glad I didn’t as well as a few “wtf” moments -like your ziploc moment. I will say I have gotten 1 or 2 repeats and am continually baffled by the knotted piece of elastic they keep making in different patters and colors and selling for $12 for about 4 hair ties. Ridiculous. BUT I have gotten FULL sized items (a couple bottles of Essie nail polish – those are like $10 alone!) as well as a full size brightening face wash this month. Boxes are hit or miss. I was never on waiting list, so it could be legitimate. Birchbox became really popular in the last year…Give it a few more months.

  4. Oanh October 12, 2012 at 10:59 am #

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    Glad I saved myself $10 every month for sample size products in a fancy box. I’ve seen so many rave reviews about Birchbox on youtube but reading bloggers review made me think twice. Thanks!

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