No Chip. No Problem.


Much like this amazing weather we’re experiencing in the Midwest, the no-chip manicure is a gift from God. If you’re a chick who “gets her nails done” (or even if you’re not) and you haven’t tried this, please do. You will thank me. Let me preface today’s blog with this statement: I WAS NEVER A MANI-GIRL. I do dishes, plant flowers, occasionally use a glue gun, touch-up paint and pick stickers off of everything. Before the no-chip came to town, doing any of these tasks with a fresh mani would mean instant death and ruin + the pissing away of about 20 bucks.

Enter the no-chip. I tried it almost 2 years ago when it was just a suburban legend. At the time I paid almost twice what I do now for it. Was it worth it? Yes. Although the color selection paled in comparison to today’s choices, it delivered just as promised.  The girl who paints and picks at things (that’s me) could stick to her old habits, all the while keeping color and shine on her nails.  It did not chip. It grows out and leaves a little naked nail at your cuticle line after about 2 weeks, but it did not chip. I became a mani-girl.

Removal, you ask? Just a couple minutes with your nails wrapped in acetone and it flakes right off. No damage. No discoloration. Pure magic.

So there it is, a little love for the no-chip.  I’m heading out for Spring Break in about a week and regardless of the sand, sun, tequila shots and chlorine my hands will be exposed to, I know that my no chip will stay with me making feel just a bit more “polished.”

Are you a no-chipper? Are you a mani-convert or did you ditch your gels and tips in lieu of the new no-chip polish selections? Share the love please, share the love.

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    I LOVE LOVE the 2 week manicure! In fact I have my nails “did” right now. 🙂

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