It’s Eucerin Skin Care Week!

Eucerin Girl

Spring is coming! Here in the Midwest, it actually appears to be coming quite early this year. But regardless of what the weather is like in your parts, Spring Break may very definitely be in the cards. This means it’s time to get your body’s “parts” ready for their big reveal. All of the fabulous resort wear you’re planning on packing for that warm and sunny destination won’t look so fabulous if your skin is all dull and itchy and dry and gross. Ewwwwwwww. Now for the important stuff . . .


I have been named a Eucerin Skin Care Ambassador! (Cue the regal music and horns and whatever other instruments sound majestic.)

I’m so lucky to have been chosen but YOU are so lucky to be reading, cuz I’m going to turn you on to some good stuff. I’ve been a Eucerin user for some time, but I’ve just been introduced to some amazing new products that I’m psyched to share with you. Keep watching this week to learn about all of the benefits of Eucerin products as well as some of the hidden ones I’ve found!

Are you a Eucerin User(in)? Hope so! If not, you can become one for free! Go to and follow the instructions how to getcha a little sumthin’ from the amazing folks at Eucerin. 

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