All the Oil, None of the Turmoil.

Calming Body Wash (Daily Shower Oil)

Hooray for Eucerin Calming Body Wash (Daily Shower Oil)! Let me begin by saying, this is the best product because its use “did not compromise anyone’s well-being or marriage.” See how it says: Daily Shower Oil? Well, I know that some ladies, me included, love to get their baby oil-on at the end of a hot shower. It makes everything all smooth and shiny. It also has been known to take down a 6’4” husband after its subsequent use transforms the shower floor into a glass-encased slip and slide. This can be very, VERY bad.


GOD BLESS EUCERIN. I was so eager to use this stuff and I was praying that I got all the soft, silky goodness of baby oil without the risk of death and divorce. Prayers answered. This Daily Shower Oil comes out of the bottle like an oil, but immediately turns into a shower-safe lather. It’s like, instant-stick. Plus, it’s a cleanser as well. I love, love, loved it. As a matter of fact, later in the evening when I was putting my jammies on, my skin was still soft. Not sticky, not oily, just plain soft. And I have to throw in there, no annoying stink. Who needs THAT, right? But wait! Not one single husband screamed at his wife during the use of this product. (So I think you’re safe, too.)

Really, I could stop here. With Eucerin’s Calming Body Wash (Daily Shower Oil) I’ve gained all the benefits of an oil with none of the expletives. But after using a few other Eucerin gems, I found that the hits just keep on comin’.

Check back tomorrow to hear about another Eucerin product that will rock your world and skin . . .it  just might save your marriage too.


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  1. Sara March 13, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

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    This has also been the best stuff for my son;s eczema, too!!! LOVE it!!!

  2. kathy March 19, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

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    Love this eucerin comments. I will be trying soon,

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