About Me

I live for fashion. I also live in a small town. What I see in fashion mags and on the red carpet may not be right for a summer street festival or my kids’ elementary school open house, but I know how to make it work. I found the perfect balance and I want to share it with you.

Suburban women often get a bad rap for their fashion apathy, commonly known as “letting themselves go.” I see it happen. I see it everyday. I also see women who take great pride in their appearance. They make casual hip, and dare I say it, “soccer moms” look good. Damn good.

It can be difficult to match practical comfort with classic style or bold new trends, but when I leave school functions with my husband, he thanks me. He thanks me for not falling victim to the uniform of yoga pants, a sweatshirt and gym shoes.  I in turn thank him for the compliment and remind him that I practically did it on a dime. Smiles all around.

I am now sharing my passion for fashion with the everyday woman. With a degree in Fashion Merchandising/Retail Management & Art Endorsement from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and local celebrity-based styling clientel- I am a seasoned fashion veteran and an expert in helping women decide what’s age appropriate, which ensembles are just right for a specific event, and where to find key wardrobe items without the large price tag.

I am here as your cyber stylist, Suburbanstylista, sharing all of my fashion tips and tricks with you. You will stay within your budget and you’re gonna look good.

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Kelly lives, blogs and shops (heavily) in “The Region” and Chicago Suburbs.