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  • Parent teacher conferences 1 Answer

    Trying to figure out what I should wear? Go casual like cords and boots as I have 22 conferences and will be exhausted or wear something nicer? Last year I felt too dressed up. What do parents expect me to be wearing?

  • Ruched Boutique 1 Answer

    Hi! I love your blog and I'm not sure how to get in touch with you other than here. I found you through inexpensive chic. I wanted ask if you'd be interested in being added to my blogroll. I just opened an online boutique ( and I'm looking to work with fashion bloggers. Also if… Read More »

  • Parisian Inspiration – Style Souvenir 1 Answer

    Hey miss stylista;) I have a mission for you! When mom & I were in Paris, I saw all of the frenchies wearing these & I can’t find them anywhere. Ok – basically looks like a jumper kind of thing, but they are shorts and they cinch at the waist, with a tank or short… Read More »

  • Flip flops vs. sandals 1 Answer

    When does a flip flop become a sandal, does the heel have something to do with it? What’s appropriate summer footware for an office. I’m not talking about a law office or anything that stuffy, but a less casual place where we still can’t wear jeans and the men must where ties.

  • Lovely Casual 1 Answer

    Help. Got an invitation today for a wedding THREE days from now and the attire says Lovely Casual. Any clue what that means? I’m not sure I’ll be able to shop for anything new between today and Saturday.

  • Fishnets? 1 Answer

    I know tights are fashionable, but are fishnets back? Can they be worn in the office?

  • Shoes and Socks 1 Answer

    Now that fall is on the horizon, I know I’m going to have to retire my summer sandals. I have a couple of pairs of transitional open-toed shoes I can wear well into the fall. I have noticed in the fashion pages that tights are shown being worn with open-toed shoes. Is this okay or… Read More »

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